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I am a lender, employer, screener, property manager, or other commercial agent that needs to verify a consumer's employment or income.



I am an agent of a social service organization needing to confirm employment and income to determine eligibility for a benefits recipient.

Employee or


I am an employee of a company that uses

TrueConfirm and wish to access my verification report information or manage my privacy.


Disappointed by the shift away from personalized service and privacy towards "big data" monetization, we created TrueConfirm. Founded by a team with over 20 years of experience in the employment verifications space, we've leveraged our expertise to build an industry-leading service. TrueConfirm provides the best technology and features, coupled with the care and customization only a boutique firm can offer. Our sole focus is employment and income verifications, ensuring that our attention and expertise is dedicated to providing simple and trusted verifications for our employer and verifier families.  


We got this!

TrueConfirm partners with employers large and small to outsource their employment and income verifications. When their employees have a life event (background check, mortgage application, government assistance, etc.) that requires a third-party to confirm their employment and/or income status, we are there to handle.

The traditional verification process is time consuming and frustrating for the employer, consumer, and verifier. Our solution streamlines verifications, eliminates the need for employers to dedicate resources to this process, and provides instant, secure, and trusted confirmations to verifiers.



No more calls, emails, and faxes; we handle all of your employment and income verifications while keeping you secure and complaint. See why you can trust TrueConfirm with your verifications.



We offer fast, accurate, and easy verifications and world class customer support to our family of verifiers. Features like re-verifications and volume discounts keep your bottom line happy as well!



As an employee of one of our employer partners, you have full control of your data. We make the process simple, transparent, and secure, so your life's verification events proceed seamlessly.

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