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Our Service

TrueConfirm's sole focus is employment and income verifications, ensuring that our expertise is dedicated to providing simple and trusted verifications for our employer and verifier families.

We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service and technology. Our team is dedicated to offering personalized support, ensuring that your needs are met with responsiveness and a tailor-made approach that larger entities often cannot match.

Ask your TrueConfirm representative how we can offer all the following and more!

No Cost


  • We fulfill 100% of employment/income verifications at no cost to employers or their employees.

  • TrueConfirm offers verifications to Government Assistance and Social Service agencies free of charge.

  • We never deny valid requests or return them to employers.

Giving Back


  • Through our TrueGiving program, we share our success with our employees, clients, and the community.

  • TrueConfirm shares a percentage of our revenue with employer and community charities.

International Verifications


TrueConfirm supports both your domestic and international employees. Our dashboards, reports, and letters are available in several languages, including:

  • Spanish (español)

  • French (français)

  • German (deutsch)

  • Italian (italiano)

  • Portuguese (português)

  • Dutch (Nederlands)

  • Japanese (日本語)

  • Korean (한국어)

  • Chinese (中文)

Simple and Seamless


  • Our verification process does not require verifiers to obtain company codes or salary keys from employees.

  • There is no employee training required for verifications to be authorized and fulfilled.

  • Our platform is fully accessible, supports multiple languages, and works on mobile, tablet, and desktops.

  • Our dashboards provide intuitive and instant access to a wealth of features, including trend summaries and verification stats.

  • Our experienced support team is ready to handle all your questions and inquiries.

Form Letters


  • With our state-of-the-art form letter system, you can empower your employees to generate form letters.

  • Our dynamic form generator can fill in not only employment and income information, but any other inputs needed as well!

  • Our templating system allows your forms and letters to look exactly like your internal letters and templates. If you can envision it, we can create it.

  • Create unlimited letters that can be setup in minutes.



  • Our verification reports, dashboards, and letters are tailored and customized to your company's branding.

  • We support customizations for all entities within your organization and are not limited to a just a single parent brand.

  • Our income reporting allows us to capture and display all the nuances of an employee's pay, eliminating verifier questions.

Security and Privacy


  • Ensuring your security and privacy, our process requires less critical PII than other vendors.

  • We do not resell your data to advertisers, credit card companies, debt collectors. We only disclose verification data to verifiers that a permissible purpose.

  • We are fully compliant with privacy laws, like GDPR and CCPA.

  • Employees have full control over their privacy, including enabling notifications and locking access to their data.

  • We have a modern platform and infrastructure that was built with a security first mindset.

Happy Verifiers


  • Our streamlined verification process allows a verifier to fulfill verifications in under a minute.

  • One click re-verifications.

  • Our direct employer relationships and automated data integrity and monitoring insure accurate reports the first time.

  • Some of the lowest pricing in the industry.

  • We offer volume discounts.