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Our TRUE Advantage

As the digital landscape evolves, so do concerns around the privacy and security of sensitive information. It's become increasingly apparent that many players in the verification industry engage in practices that compromise privacy, such as monetizing employee data through advertisers, credit card companies, and debt collectors. These practices not only pose privacy risks but also jeopardize trust and integrity within organizations.


The safeguarding of sensitive employee data has never been more critical. Recent high-profile data breaches have highlighted the vulnerabilities that exist, underscoring the need for a verification provider that prioritizes both privacy and security.


TrueConfirm practices stand in stark contrast. Our commitment is to privacy-first verification services. This fundamental difference underscores our dedication to safeguarding your employees' information against unauthorized access and potential abuse.

Our advantages can be summarized by our four TRUE principles:


Trust is the cornerstone of TrueConfirm. We exist solely to provide an unrivaled verification service, tailored to fit organizations of every size. We recognize the value of your employees' privacy and pledge never to exploit it by selling to advertisers, analytics firms, debt collectors, or any other source looking to profit from their confidential data. With us, your information is not a commodity; it's a responsibility we take seriously.


In an interconnected world, managing risk is more critical than ever. At TrueConfirm, we recognize this and have engineered our platform with an unwavering focus on security and privacy. Utilizing the most robust encryption, detection, and prevention technologies, we ensure the protection of your confidential data. Our commitment goes beyond technology, as we only collect the minimum data necessary to fulfill our verifications. With TrueConfirm, you don't just manage risk; you minimize it through a holistic approach designed around your peace of mind.


At TrueConfirm, we understand and handle the complexities of the verification process, ensuring a simple and seamless experience for all parties. Our platform and processes were designed to take the burden off your team, allowing us to manage third-party verifier credentialing, communications, and fulfillment with ease. Our friction-free process enables employees to authorize the release of their information without direct involvement, while our intuitive platform eliminates the need for employee training. We strive to handle 100% of your verifications, allowing your team to concentrate on what they do best..


TrueConfirm's ability to deliver on these commitments stems from the collective wisdom of talented leaders and engineers, boasting over 20 years of experience in the employment and income verifications space. Our team, seasoned veterans who have contributed to platforms across the industry, started with a clean slate, preserving what works and discarding what doesn't. Our core mission has always been to prioritize the needs of our employers and their employees. With TrueConfirm, you don't have to choose between cutting-edge technology and personalized service. You'll experience the best technology and features, coupled with the care and customization only a boutique firm can offer.

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